"Kapitalny remont" in Russian, a full cycle overhaul of all aircraft parts and systems, as defined by relevant Design Bureaus, equivalent of the FAA's D-check. Essentially, it produces a 0-time aircraft, with full guaranteed TBOs and 100 % updated according to mandatory service bulletins. It is substantially different from IRAN (inspected and repaired as necessary) approach of virtually all repair facilities not recognized by relevant design bureaus, who supply aircraft (hopefully) fully operational ... at the moment of delivery. Incidentally, do look carefully into warranty promised...
I. The facilities

Were established virtually everywhere to cope with growing demand boosted by limited TBOs and intensive use. After the end of the USSR, the money drained out from the sector, the intensity of operations plummeted and most factories went out of business. The ensued natural selection has produced a few reliable facilities, leaving aside some half-dead, half-survivors to avoid. We have made our selection.

II. The process

The complete overhaul cycle consists of:

1) "Defektatsiya" or troubleshooting. Right at the arrival to the factory, the airframe is stripped of paint, its structure is bared with all individual components dismantled for a full test study of the aircraft, of its structure, systems, equipment, instruments accompanied by this of the logbooks. The result are then compared with the Designer's specifications. ;

2) All the components go to separate shops for overhaul and testing. All non-conform elements including those with TBO run out, are replaced. Replacement of the fabrics, rubber elements including hoses, gaskets, bushings, tires. Fitting of all lacking service bulletin modifications. No element is put back unchecked or unrepaired;

3) The engine overhaul and testing, new segments, hot and rubber parts, fitting of all lacking service bulletins. Engine mandatory test runs on a special stand;

4) Reassembly of all repaired and new parts, to produce a virtually new plane. Updating of the logbooks following the strict rule: "All what is done is written, all what is written, is done";

5) The severe "OTK", internal control. This makes difference. They are very meticulous no-nonsense people, keen on respescting the designer's specs and customer's interests, awed by factory managers. Their "no" is a NO;

6)Factory roll-out, final checks and flight tests.

III. Our partners

Shakhty Overhaul Plant : full mandatory overhaul of the airframe and the engine of Yak-52, Yak-18T, Yak-50, An-2. Licensed by the Russian CAA.

Yakovlev Design Bureau

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