Yak-18T: our offer

The Yak-18T is extremely reliable and easy to operate aircraft. It is within any beginner pilot range, albeit with retractable gear, variable pitch, manual engine cooling. It has a large cockpit which easily accommodates 4 persons, is high perched on the ground and fantastic in the air. The internal demand is growing, the 18T is widely used for initial training and is the favorite private-owned aircraft in Russia.

We supply 1975 to 1995 aircraft with wide range of airframe hours, after a complete certified overhaul, DACRON synthetic surfaces, full TBOs, with all service bulletins properly implemented and written in the logbooks. Thus we guarantee your Yak is 100 % compliant to the Designer's specs, transferred to operations according to condition and will have smooth operational record. The aircraft are supplied with a variety of options including long range fuel, Western avionics, light weight electrical system, three-blade prop and much more.

Sample of available aircraft:

Year of manufacture TTAF * Engine TT *
1 1977 2446 1124
2 1981 1420 810
3 1993 16 16

* TTAF - total time airframe TT - total time



- original logbooks

- Light weight electrical system

- sealed gel TUDOR batteries

- Additional fuel to 320 liters total

- spares and equipment kit

- IFR avionics
- DACRON synthetique covers - three-blade MTV-9 propeller

- two original headsets

- Russian registration and airworthiness

- English operating and maintenance manuals

Delivery: We ferry aircraft in flight when possible, otherwise in a special container. When needed, we provide a team to assure the assembly and test flights.
We know how to pack!

All spare parts are readily available from stock.

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