L-39: our offer

The great quality of L-39C is its ruggedness and remarkable reliability. There are no known weak points, the airframe is solid, the gear is sturdy and the systems reliable. Magnesium alloy commands subject to corrosion, initially found on early series, were replaced with duralumin one on most of the aircraft. The L-39 combines an authentic jet feel with the easiness of an initial trainer thanks to strict military design requirements. Yet, the L-39C is a full scale jet with a wide performance span. It is also perfectly adaptable to state-of-the-art IFR equipment standards. All this made the L-39C the aircraft of choice of the air-show pilots and groups.

The offer: Our L-39C are military surplus, hence a careful study of logbooks and detailed inside information are crucial in our selection of the aircraft. A full-scale mandatory de-conservation, de-militarization and extended maintenance are performed prior to delivery, including structural magnetic controls, magnesium parts replacement, ejection seats overhaul and much more, to provide a fully operational and weight-optimized aircraft.

All our aircraft have a known continous history and are legally "clean".

Sample of available aircraft:

Year of airframe TTAF Year of engine Engine TT Last factory OH TBO
1 1980 3171 1991 358 - 642
2 1980 2326 1980 1844 1991 153
3 * * * * * *

* TTAF - total time airframe TT - total time



- original logbooks

- Western paint

- English cockpits

- original G-suits & helmets

- professional restoration to 400-hour program

- hot seats

- gel batteries

- aircraft demilitarized

Delivery: We ferry aircraft in a truck or a container. When needed, we provide a team to assure the assembly and test flights.
We know how to pack!

All spare parts are readily available from stock.
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