Yak-50: TBOs

The Yak-50 is an aerobatic aircraft mostly used in competitions at the highest level. Conscious of early structural problems with the main spar and the wing, Yakovlev Design bureau have divided all Yak-50s into three categories, depending on the intensity of operations. The aircraft used for training and for actual flying at World level aerobatic championships were given 45 hours / 105 landings / 3750 figures. Those used at internal competitions in the USSR, were given 110 hours / 280 landings / 6000 figures. And finally, those used for training in a few selected airclubs were given 300 hours and 1000 landings (with no limit for the number of aerobatic figures). All those numbers refer to the total life.

Today, Yakovlev Design Bureau have dropped this distinction, and all the aircraft are granted initial service life of 300 hours. Specific life time extensions are available through Yakovlev Design Bureau following a thorough inspection and provided all service bulletins are applied.

The engine has 2250 hh hours designed total life with the first overhaul at 750 hours, then every 500 hours, that can be raised to 750. An overhauled engine may be stocked in special grease for 10 years, then has to be re-stocked for another 10 years. Re-storage means opening the engine, performing extensive checks and tests, replacement of rubber parts, re-greasing.

The Yak-50 maintenance schedule is standard 50 - 100 - 200 hours which can be performed at any equipped workshop.

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