Yak-50: our offer

It is a very beautiful and reliable aerobatic aircraft - precautions taken. Originally it had the service life of only 40 hours. The most of the aircraft went to the National Aerobatic Team where they were treated as if there were an unlimited source of - which in fact was true at that time. Flown largely beyond its +9/-6 G factor limitations, some airframes by 40 hours showed signs of fatigue: fuselage bulging,

spar cracking. These aircraft may be returned to life through an in-depth remanufacturing - after a thourough feasibility study.

The offer: Most searched for are the rare Yak-50's operated outside the Aerobatic team hence free of the structure problems. We offer probably the last remaining one after a complete certified factory
overhaul of the airframe and the engine, DACRON synthetic covers, X-ray airframe OK, original Russian paint scheme (as on photos) or painted to customer's specifications, with all service bulletins modifications properly installed in certified conditions and written in the logbooks. The aircraft is finished as of December 2010, before paint, please inquire for details.


Major options:

- sealed gel batteries

- enhanced 400 hp engine

- customized paint scheme, Western paint

- three blade propeller

- original logbooks

- wet wing fuel tanks

- original Russian parachute - smoke system

- original Russian headset

- Western avionics

Delivery: We ferry aircraft in flight when possible, otherwise in a truck or a container. When needed, we provide a team to assure the assembly and test flights.
We know how to pack!

On request we provide Russian or Lithuanian registration
All spare parts are readily available from stock.
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