Yak-52: TBOs

The Yak-52 is a full aerobatic aircraft with 5000 hours designed total life, the TBO 600 hh or 7 years until the first OH and 500 hh/7 years thereafter, whichever comes first, provided all service bulletins are installed. The calendar TBOs are essentially 5 years for original linen covering of commands, the flexible pipes and aneroid instruments are given for 9 years. The undercarriage is fit for 3000 landings, the radio and navigation equipment has to be overhauled every 7 years.

The engine has 2250 hh hours designed total life with the first overhaul at 750 hours, then every 500 hours, with extensions of 250 hours are possible in principle. An overhauled engine may be stocked in special grease for 10 years, then has to be re-stocked for another 10 years. Re-storage means opening the engine, performing extensive checks and tests, replacement of rubber parts, re-greasing.

The Yak-52 maintenance schedule is 50 - 100 - 200 hours which can be performed at your airfield.

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