Yak-52: our offer

The Yak-52 is a very reliable and rugged aircraft. It is within any beginner pilot range provided a deal of training has been done to master the retractable gear, the variable pitch, the air-cooling radial engine. It is a rare fun to fly combining distinct warbird feel and looks with the docility of an initial training aircraft. This and attractive running costs made it the sales leader among the FSU aircraft.

The offer: We supply mostly 1986 to 1990 aircraft with low total hours, after a complete factory overhaul of the airframe, engine and prop certified by Yakovlev Design Bureau - as opposed to a variety of IRAN* offers on the market. Thus we guarantee that your Yak is 100 % up-to-date according to the Designer's specs and will have the healthiest opreational record. The aircraft are with Western paint , with all service bulletins properly installed and written in the logbooks, full TBOs.
* inspected and repaired as necessary

Sample of available aircraft:

Year of manufacture TTAF * Engine TT *
1 1986 654 1148
3 1987 709 733
4 1989 308 330

* TTAF - total time airframe TT - total time


Major options:

- sealed gel batteries

- enhanced 400 hp engine

- customized paint scheme, Western paint

- three blade propeller

- original logbooks

- wet wing fuel tanks

- original Russian parachutes - smoke system

- original Russian headsets

- Western avionics

- English or French pilot and maintenance manuals

Delivery: We ferry aircraft in flight when possible, otherwise in a truck or a container. When needed, we provide a team to assure the assembly and test flights. We know how to pack!

On request we provide Russian or Lithuanian registration

All spare parts are readily available from stock.

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