Yak-54: our offer

The new-comer to the Yakovlev family, the aircraft has just received its full ICAO civil type certificate. It is currently under production at the Saratov Aviation plant. There have been 8 built so far with 5 more nearing completion. The high-end full metal Yak-54 is designed to compete with the nearly unavailable Su-29 both as a trainer and a competition aircraft. Among its achievements so far, the third place in the 2000 unlimited championship in Germany.

We supply brand new Yak-54 directly from factory in the original crate, along with the exclusive factory package of spares, tools and equipment. The choice of paint and of options is virtually unlimited.

With this aircraft Yakovlev introduced a Western TBOs and maintenance schedule, with all works performed at your airfield. Looking forward to the same move from the engine manufacturer!



- full factory spares and equipment kit

- M-14PF rated at 400 hp

- Customized paint scheme, Western paint

- light weight electrical sytem

- two original headsets

- smoke system

- English operating and maintenance manuals

- 2 original Russian parachutes

- 12-month spares and manpower warrantyfull after-sale support in cooperation with the manufacturer

- Russian registration and airworthiness

Delivery: Due to the volume of the package, the aircraft is ferried in a truck or container. We provide a team to assure the assembly and test-flying.

All spare parts are readily available from stock.
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