Yak-55/55M: our offer

A very reliable aircraft for advanced aerobatic training and competition. It represents the best value in its category and will reward its owner with high performances. It is extremely popular with Western aerobatic pilots, especially in the USA. A number are flying with Russian aerobatic teams and are frequent participants at various competitions including European advanced chmpionships.

The offer: a Yak-55 , the years from 1990 with 233 total hours. The Yak-55M fre of the wing attachments issue are quite rare, hence we will have them at a later stage The aircraft are supplied with all bulletins implemented, new hoses and DACRON synthetic fabrics, X-ray and ultrasound tests OK, the engine and prop after a certified factory overhaul. The maintenance schedule is the basic 50 - 100 - 200 hours scheme.



- original logbooks

- enhanced 400 hp engine

- original Russian parachute

- thre-blade propeller

- an original headset

- light weight elctrical system

- Customized paint scheme, Western paint

- smoke system etc.

Delivery: We ferry aircraft in flight when possible, otherwise in a special container. When needed, we provide a team to assure the assembly and test flights.
We know how to pack!

All spare parts are readily available from stock.

On request we provide Russian or Lithuanian registration and airworthiness.

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