Yak-18A: our offer

This is a reliable and simple initial training aerobatic aircraft, very easy to fly thanks to its V-wing. Not to be confused with the Chinese redesign Nanchang CJ6 with trapezium rudder, much more frequent. The engine AI-14R is still widele used on PZL Wilga's thus no sensible difficulty in finding or repairing one, idem for the spare parts.

The offer: guaranteed 100 % complete and authentic aircraft. Withdrawn from use in early 1980-s and perfectly stocked in a hangar. Supplied after a complete factory overhaul of the airframe and the engine, including factory structure tests, DACRON synthetic covering. The maintenance schedule is basic 50 - 100 - 200 hours.

Available aircraft:

Year of airframe TTAF Year of engine Engine TT
1 1958 3409 1976 106
2 1960 3487 1972 750

* TTAF - total time airframe TT - total time



- Russian paint scheme (cf. photo)

- two newly packed original parachutes

- a kit of spares and accessories

- Customized paint scheme, Western paint

- two original headsets

- Russian registration and airworthiness

- English operating manual

- Western avionics

Delivery: We ferry aircraft in flight when possible, otherwise in a truck or container. In the latter case we provide a team to assure the assembly and test-flying. We know how to pack!

The spares are available from stock or newly manufactured.

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