Yak-23UTI: our offer

This is a unique aircraft on the market. It is a very agile and capable fighter plane which is much easier to fly and less expensive to operate than a MiG-15. It boasts authentic early jet era looks, killer at any air show. This is a two-seat version, a half dozen single-seaters are found in museums in non-flying condition. The engine is a licensed Derwent, very solid and familiar.
The offer: Guaranteed maximum authenticity. The aircraft was properly stocked, the engine submerged in canon grease. After a detailed study, a complete overhaul of airframe and engine is feasible, to bring the aircraft back to flight. Full original documentation is available, we will employ engineers who actually worked on the aircraft. The structure tested OK. Can be supplied "as is" or after a factory overhaul of the airframe and the engine.

The available aircraft:

Year of airframe TTAF Year of engine Engine TT
1948 102 1966 26

* TTAF - total time airframe TT - total time



- original logbooks

- Customized paint scheme, Western paint

- original paint scheme (cf. photo)

- Russian registration and airworthiness

- English operating manual

Delivery: We ferry aircraft in a truck or container. We know how to pack! We shall provide you a team to assure the assembly and test-flying.

The spares are available from stock or newly manufactured.

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