Yak-3M/Yak-9: our offer

The production of this famous World War II fighter was resumed in 1993 in Russia, in strict conformity to the original designers specs. The serial numbers continue the original pattern. Metal tubular structure with duralumin covers, the commands covered with DACRON synthetic fabric, the spar box wing. Powered with Allison V 1710 engine, rated at 1300 to 1600 hp, and with a Hamilton Standard three-blade prop. The twin command version is equipped with the jettisonable canopy.
Here we have the best value in the WWII fighters' area. Basically, this is a highly historic aircraft operated at (nearly) the cost of a Yak-52, and equally reliable. The flying is within any medium-experienced pilot's range, the familiarity with a Yak and a tail-dragger is an advantage!

The offer: Brand new aircraft delivered in its original crate and assembled by our team. Full after-sale service at your airfield and spare parts delivery, in cooperation with the manufacturer.


- The exclusive factory package of spares and equipment : covers, clamps, blanks, a spare tires set, tow, shoes, airframe and engine tools, jacks, kit of spare parts

- English flight and maintenance manuals


- Customized paint scheme, quality Western paint

- Choice of Allison V-1710 power versions

- Twin commands

- Russian registration and airworthiness

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