The Russian registration RA-XXXXK (former RA-0XXXX) has gained ground against other alternatives, as the most practical solution for operating the ex-Soviet aircraft. It provides the airworthiness and registration in the owner's proper name. The types concerned: all having civil or military airworthiness in the FSU countries, such as those designed by a Soviet Design Bureau (Yak, Sukhoi, Antonov etc.) as well as those produced in Warsaw pact countries and supplied to the Soviet Union like L29, L39, L410 etc..

The private aircraft register is managed by FLA, Federation of the private pilots of Russia.

The registration process consists of:

1/ Establishing the aircraft's history and compliancy to outstanding ADs ;

2/ Technical inspection;

3/ Registration and Airworthiness certificates issuance

To receive a budget estimate for conversion, please send us your inquiry containing the aircraft and engines data including serial numbers, total hours, last overhauls, times since OH.

The CoA is valid for one year. The renewal consists of a technical inspection of the aircraft and the issuance of the new Certificate. The inspections are conveniently assured at your airfield. It usually takes 1 day depending on the type of the aircraft and consists in a check of all vital systems and of the logbooks. The inspection report is then established and transmitted to the relevant authority for the CoA renewal. Finally, the renewed CoA is issued and mailed to you. We have vast experience in provding a rapid and seamless airworthiness management.

So far, there is no automatic equivalence in obtaining the Russian PPL. Provided you have a valid national pilot licence, we assure customized training and type conversion, which for a new owner usually takes place at the delivery of the aircraft. We offer a special safety program assured by our certified instructors at your airfield. We take care of all the paperwork and supply your licence without delay.

Russian Airworthiness documents
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