Sales policy

To date, we have solde more than 40 aircraft throughout Europe and US which makes us the biggest direct supplier. Our competitors usually act as intermediaries with obvious drawbacks: dilution of responsabilities, lack of control, much heavier costs. As a result we offer better deals, economically and technically since we control the whold of the supply chain, from the source via overhaul to the customer.
We have access to a variety of stocks throughout the former Soviet Union. The light aircraft come from the stocks of the former DOSAAF, a paramilitary organization responsible for initial flight training, or its heirs. Bigger aircraft are found in different military or civil stocks. The access means direct contact with key persons, careful study of the logbooks, crucial inside information multiplied by our vast experience. As the result, we get better deals and exclusivity.
We provide aircraft after a certified overhaul at specialized factories with a proven quality record. We have a good working relationship with these facilities, we speak the same language, and our aircraft are given a particular attention.

We supply aircraft in a turn-key condition understood as:
- delivered to your airfield and ready to fly
- with a kit of current spare parts
- with 6 or 12 months guarantee (conditions apply)
- with
registration, at your request

We have a particular commitment to the after-sale
Our Aicrarft & Offers
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