Shakhty Overhaul Plant

Established initially as a repair shop in 1947 in the steppe Rostov region, to respond to a rapid after-war growth of light aviation, it started with ubiquitous Po-2 and UT-2, then Yak-18. Further on it became the main overhaul facility for the National Aerobatic team aircraft, Yak-18P, then Yak-18PM, Yak-18PS. The volume and complexity encreased with the arrival of the then state-of-the-art Yak-18A and in 1968, the workshop grew to a plant.
The head light trainer overhaul premises in the former Soviet Union, it has not missed a beat ever since, handling more and more aircraft types, from gliders to Yak-12, Yak-50, Zlin family, and eventually An-2, Wilga, Yak-52 and Yak-18T.

The works were not restricted to the airframe, the Shakhty plant mastered the overhaul of the whole radial engines family starting from 5-cylinder M-11 series, to the AI-14R line and finally M-14P.

Today, after the slow mid 90-s, it is the most active light aircraft overhaul facility in the FSU and also the most satisfactory. In 2000 the Shakhty plant was certified in accordance to the FAP 145R Russian norm.

The Shakhty Overhaul plant has preserved and enhanced its know-how and documentation. Today it provides a certified repair and overhaul of the airframes and engines of the following types: Yak-52, Yak-18T, An-2 including all of their elements and equipment. This is the only civil Designer certified full overhaul facility for both Yak-52 and Yak-18T within the former Soviet Union boundaries.

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