Spare Parts

Thanks to our direct access to a variety of stocks throughout the former Soviet Union, we economically supply all catalogue spare parts, tools and ground equipment for the following aircraft (airframe and engines):

Yak-55 / Yak-55M
Yak-50 *
Yak-18A *
Yak-3 / Yak-9
L-29 *
L-410UVP/ L-410 UVP-E
Mi-8 / Mi-17

and more.

All the spare parts come either new or overhauled in factory conditions including necessary paperwork. All parts are tested before being shipped to a customer. We supply our parts from our stocks in France and in Russia. The parts have 6 month guarantee except for the spark plugs, tools, ground equipment and parts for the older aircraft, such as Yak-50, Yak-18A or L-29.

* for reasons of age and/or limited series, most of spare parts for these aircraft are available, some 0-houred, some overhauled

Please inquire about our attractive prices. Stocks constantly move so do inquire about any part even if it is not on our lists.

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