Spares for An-2

Thanks to its massive production and still wide use, no problems in picking premium choice spare parts, new and overhauled, including:

- Ash-62IR engines, new and overhauled
- Carburettors AKM-9
- Generators GSM300M
- Magnetos BSM-9
- Air compressors AK-50M
- Oil pumps MS-8M
- Fuel pump BNK-12BK
- Mixture control units VAK
- Oil filters MFM-25
- Fine fuel filters 12TF29
- Filters TCM-25
- Gravity filters FT1300
- Pressure automate filters
- Spark plugs SD48BSM
- Electric starter RIM-U-24IR
- Props AV-2
- Pitch mechanisms R9SM2, its filters
- VHF radios BAKLAN-20
- Russian headsets
- Cowl flaps electric motors UR-10
- Trimmer electric motors UT-6D
- Gear: brakes, struts, actuators, tires
- Factory standard spare part kits (ZIP’s) for airframe and engine
- Ground equipment: jacks, clamps, props, blanks, tow bars, chocks

Please inquire about options available for these aircraft.

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