Spares for Mi-2

Spare parts for this ubiquitous helicopter are generally accessible. We supply all of them including the “tighter” positions such as:

- Engines GTD-350, 0-timed and overhauled
- Main gear boxes VR-2
- Intermediate, tail gear boxes
- Main and tail rotor blades, hubs
- Fire detectors DTPG
- Auxiliary fuel tanks
- Hydraulic boosters RP-35-1, -2, -3
- Oil tank filters
- Fuel filters
- Hydraulic block filters GB-2
- Air compressor filters
- Air filters of engine oil system
- Rubber covers for the main and tail hubs
- Flexible pipes sets
- Spark plugs SP-18UA
- Original batteries 12SAM-28
- All cabin instruments and equipment
- Bulbs, fuses, circuit breakers
- Windscreen wipers
- Factory standard spare part kits (ZIP’s) for airframe and engine
- Airframe and engine tool kits including grease guns, shock strut chargers, special screw-drivers
- Ground equipment: clamps, props, blanks, covers, chocks, tow bars

Please inquire about options available for these aircraft.

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