Spares for Mi-8/Mi-17

For this most popular cargo helicopter in the World, the stocks are plenty but the demand, too. We manage to supply all the spare parts for any version. The most common:

- Main rotor, blades 246-3901-000 and hubs 8-1930-000 incl. series 02
- Main gear box 8-1950-000PS
- Intermediate gear box 8A-1515-000
- Tail gear box 246-1517-00
- Hydraulic boosters KAU-30B
- Swash-plate gimbals 8A-6314-00
- TV2-117A, TV3-117 series engines, overhauled and 0-houred
- All cabin instruments and equipment
- Bulbs, fuses, circuit breakers
- Windscreen wipers
- Internal and external auxiliary fuel tanks
- Factory standard spare part kits (ZIP’s) for airframe and engines
- Airframe and engine tool kits including grease guns, shock strut chargers
- Ground equipment: clamps, props, blanks, covers, chocks, tow bars

Please inquire about options available for these aircraft.

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