Spares for Yak-3M / Yak-9

We have a comfortable working relationship with the Orenburg factory, the manufacturer of the new production Yak-3 / Yak-9 airframes, since 1993. We supply:

- Compressors AK50 with adapters for Allison engine
- Exhaust pipes assemblies, long version
- Oil radiators 1106
- Water radiators VR, its domes
- Pitot heads PVD-6M
- Fuel filters 31VF3A
- All cabin equipment and instruments
- Tachometer cables
- Bulbs, fuses
- Gear assemblies, brakes, all spares
- Tires
- Tools
- Ground equipment: jacks, props, cradles, blanks, chocks

Also available a list of factory modifications (about 80 since 1993) and modification kits including installation schemes. Please inquire.

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