Spares for Yak-52, Yak- 55/-55M, Yak-18T

All the spares are available, both in 0-houred and overhauled condition (where applies) including the “hottest” positions such as:

Common to all the three types (except where specified)

- V-530TA-D35 wooden two-blades propellers
- Spinners
- Cowl flaps assemblies
- Engine hoods – for all the types
- Exhaust pipes assemblies, stainless steel and titanium, separate segments, clamps, seals
- Oil, fuel, air filters
- Air system valves
- Fuel tanks
- Flexible pipes, newly manufactured
- Gear struts, actuators, brakes, brake pads, wheels, gear locks, dampers, gear mechanical indicators etc.
- Brake differential valves PU-6, PU-7
- Flaps, flap actuators (except Yak-55)
- Pitot heads
- Canopy sections, canopy glasses – for all the types
- All instruments including horizons AGD-1K, radio Baklan-5, intercom SPU-9
- All electrical components including PAG1F, PT200, PO250 converters, circuit breakers
- All cockpit bulbs
- Gear and flap levers
- Belts, old and new systems, corresponding brake handle locks
- Tires – for all the types
- All tools, airframe and engine
- Adaptors for pneumatic system charging
- Adaptors for gear strut charging
- Yak-52 canopy locking devices
- Jack points

Specifically Yak-18T parts:

- SBES 2077 units, fuel level sensor and indicators
- Lights and bulbs, external and internal
- Windscreen wipers

Specifically Yak-55 parts:

- main and rear gear assemblies
- seats
- oil tanks

and much more.

Also available airworthiness directives spare kits and documentation (the 59/60, 107 for the Yak-52, and similar, are to be done in factory conditions)

Please inquire about options available for these aircraft.

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