Yak-3/Yak-3M, 1942 - 1993
The best Soviet WWII fighter, the Yak-3 shares the WWII hall of fame with Spitfire and Me-109. Derived from Yak-1, its production started in 1942, resulting in 4848 aircraft produced. Spurred by a quasi-absence of restorable projects, the production was resumed in 1993 in strict accordance to original schemes and specifications, and continuing the original serial number pattern. The new production Yak-3M, (a.k.a. Yak-9 for twin command version) was hauled by immediate success in the USA which is spreading over Europe. 17 aircraft were produced to date, with new batches currently under construction.
The Allison V1710 V12 engine successfully replaces the unavailable original VK-105/107. Metal tubular structure covered with duralumin, the DACRON synthetic fabric commands, the spar box wing. The twin command version is equipped with jettisonable canopy. The appeal of this authentic WWII warbird is that it can be safely operated for a cost comparable to this of a Yak-52, with spare parts and full support provided by the manufacturer. Easy to handle and to maintenance, a success story of this aircraft is at its beginning.

Allison V1710 1200 to 1650 hp (897 - 1233 kW) 12 cylinder liquid-cooled line, right rotation
Three-blade variable pitch Hamilton Standard
Wings area
9,2 m
8,55 m
2,3 m
14,7 m2
30,1 ft
28 ft
7,5 ft
158 ft2
Weights and loadings:
Basic empty weight
Maximum takeoff weight
Fuel capacity
2135 kg
3000 kg
600 kg
4707 lbs
6614 lbs
1323 lbs
Maximum speed @ 1000 m
Vne @ sea level

Landing speed
Stall speed (with flaps)
Service ceiling
Maximum range (10 % reserve)
Maximum endurance (internal fuel)
Take off run (sea level)
Landing run (sea level)
Maximum load factor
500 km/h
600 km/h
180 km/h
150 km/h
5500 m
760 km
2,6 hr
600 m
730 m
+ 7/- 3,5
270 mph 324 mph
97 mph
81 mph
18000 ft
410 nm
2,6 hr
1965 ft
2390 ft
+ 7/- 3,5