L-39 Albatros, 1965
The production of this replacement of the L-29 "Delfin" started in 1972 at Aero Vodochody factory in Czech republic and is still going totalling 2904 of which 2094 for the former Soviet Union. The most known version is "C", the "civil" jet trainer. "ZA" and "ZO" have a reinforced wing structure enabling it to carry rockets and bombs. "ZA" is a ground attack and reconnaissance plane, "ZO" is an operational trainer. "Z" version are popular with Libyan, Chadian, Iraqi air forces - and Mr. James Bond.
Of this only available second-generation jet trainer, more than 100 are in private hands, mostly in the USA, the L-39 population is ever growing. Fully modular and rugged, able to fly from grass airfields, this extremely reliable and easy to fly aerobatic fighter-alike has enabled many piston engine pilots to realize their craziest jet dreams. Sealed canopy, anti-G suit inlets and ejection seats add to the hype.

Ivchenko AI-25TL 1720 kg (16,87 KN, 3792 lbs) twin-shaft turbofan
Wings area
9,46 m
12,32 m
4,72 m
18,8 m2
31 ft
40,5 ft
15,5 ft
202,4 ft2
Weights and loadings:
Basic empty weight
Clean A/C takeoff weight
Basic fuel capacity
Total fuel (incl. 2 x 350 l drop tanks)
Fuel consumption
3450 kg
4570 kg
980 kg
1524 kg
560 l/h
7620 lbs
10075 lbs
2160 lbs
3360 lbs
140 gph
Maximum level speed
Maximum speed @ 6000 m
Vne @ sea level:
Stall speed (with flaps)
Maximum rate of climb
Service ceiling
Maximum range (10 % reserve)
Maximum range (with drop tanks)
Maximum endurance (internal fuel)
Take off run (sea level)
Landing run (sea level)
Maximum load factor
700 km/h
780 km/h
910 km/h
168 km/h
22 m/s
10 600 m
1000 km
1600 km
2,9 hr
540 m
590 m
+ 8 / - 4
378 kts 420 kts
491 kts
91 kts
4330 fpm
34700 ft
540 nm
864 nm
2,9 hr
1575 ft
1970 ft
+ 8 / - 4