L-410UVP/UVP-E, 1979/1985
A reliable, economical and versatile aircraft boasting a full IFR and de-icing equipment. L-410 is in service world-wide thanks to its low cost operation and maintenance, excellent hot and high capabilities, a large passenger/cargo cabin. The sturdy landing gear and the low pressure tyres enable the L-410 to operate efficiently even on most hazardous surfaces. Of particular interest are its climbing speed and power-to-weight ratio making the L-410UVP-E an aircraft of choice for parachuting centers, especially for high altitude (from 4000 m) sky-diving. UVP is a STOL version and UVP-E its re-motorized update, mostly sought for.

Two 3-/5- blade AVIA Hamilton V508/V510 propellers equipped with a feathering system and electric de-icing.
Two free M-601D (UVP) or E (UVP-E) twin-shaft turboprops, maximum power 730/751 hp (544/560kW) each.
Wings area
Passenger cabine volume
Luggage compartment volume
19,98 m
14,42 m
5,83 m
35,18 m2
17,9 m3

1,37 m3
65,51 ft
42,28 ft
19,11 ft
378,2 ft2

630,9 ft3

48,3 ft3
Maximum takeoff weight
Maximum landing weight:
Empty weight
Total fuel capacity
6400 kg
6200 kg
3985 kg
1300 kg
14112 lb
13671 lb
8787 lb
2866,5 lb
216 kt
205 kt
1416 fpm
354 fpm
20721 ft
1134 nm
378 nm
617 lb/h
2246 ft
1574 ft
20 min
Maximum speed
Maximum cruise speed @ 4200 m

Maximum rate of climb, 2 engines
Maximum rate of climb, 1 engine
Service ceiling
Maximum range with tip tanks
Maximum payload range
Fuel consumption

Take off run to 11 m (sea level)
Landing run from 9 m (sea level)
Rotation to 4000m / 33000ft, 19 pax
400 km/h
380 km/h
7,2 m/s
1,8 m/s
6320 m
2100 km
700 km
280 kg/h
685 m
480 m
20 min